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Sex in Sweden 1977

Sex in Sweden (1977) [Download]

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Language: English
757.67 MB | 01:42:00 | 900 Kbps | Avi | 640×480 | 55, 44 Khz, 2 channels, 128 Kbps | Subs: Swedish
Genres: Drama, Adult | Country: Sweden
Molly is in love with Peter. Peter is living a dangerous, violent and depraved upper-class life. Peter’s brother Robin is in love with Molly.

Original Title: Molly (1977)

Title: Sex in Sweden (1977)

Genres: Drama, Adult
Director: Mac Ahlberg
Writers: Mac Ahlberg, Daniel Defoe (novel)
Actors: Marie Forså, Chris Chittell, Eva Axen, Peter Loury
Rating: 6.0
Votes: 60
Rated: X

This relatively obscure Swedish/French porn film has been resurrected by Klubb Super 8 Video, oddly enough in its English-dubbed version. It’s a worthwhile example of ’70s international hardcore.

The film was made as a companion to PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT (aka GIRL ON HER KNEES), both films produced by Inge Ivarson, with similar cast lists. What is unusual is that both films invited New York porn stars Eric Edwards, Darby Lloyd Rains and Kim Pope to Sweden, and oddly enough represented the end of both Rains and Pope’s XXX careers.

Marie Forsa is the Molly of the title, vacationing on the Cote d’Azur with her gal pal Eva (contrasting brunette Eva Axen), with several other girls. But the main content of the film consists of numerous flashbacks by Molly of her life back in Sweden.

Though IMDb credits this as an adaptation of MOLL FLANDERS, I could find no resemblance at all in the plotline. Instead, Maria is betrothed to Robin, though in love with his brother Peter (British actor Chris Chittell, who starred in PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT).

There’s no actual incest, but Molly & Eva are adopted sisters, who have several lesbian scenes, and Peter is an adoptive father. Much of the flashback action centers around the visit of promiscuous Lady Fleming (Rains quite glamorized), who not only Peter & Robin are smitten with, but also their dad. There are enough sex scenes for LA RONDE, rather than MOLL FLANDERS.

My favorite XXX tryst was a match-up between guest star Kim Pope (not even credited in IMDb, oddly enough) and Swedish stud Jack Frank, very well-photographed by director/d.p. Mac Ahlberg, and quite arousing. The two gals watch it and are turned on, with femme voyeurism being stressed throughout the film, likely a structural gimmick (similar to that used in loop carriers) to segregate the hardcore action & players from the softcore.

Forsa has a sex scene later in the film, but the closeup XXX insert shots (and lack of fellatio) imply she’s only responsible for the softcore content. Rains have a bathtub threesome with both Edwards and Frank that is perhaps the film’s centerpiece.

The Swedish girls in the cast are all beautiful, but it was interesting to see top American talent integrated into the package. Film’s plot twists concerning Robin and Peter are dumb and unconvincing.

Forsa is as pretty as ever, and if IMDb is to be believed, her co-star Ms. Axen had a strange career, featured in Visconti classics and even Argento’s SUSPIRIA while appearing in softcore assignments in several Ahlberg XXX movies.

Sex in Sweden 1977

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Sex in Sweden (1977)

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