Postel – The Bed 1998 DVDRip

Postel The Bed 1998

Postel – The Bed (1998) [Download]

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Language: Czech
1.46 GB | 01:26:01 | 1989 Kbps | mkv | 720×416 | A_AC3, 48 Khz, 6 channels, 448 Kbps | Subs: Czech, English, French, Spanish, German
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Mystery | Country: Czech Republic, Germany
A story about a man overly influenced by the women in his life, which is unique in many ways, including the fact that he somehow turned out to be “straight” in spite of his ordeals with women, which started at birth.

Original Title: Postel (1998)

Title: The Bed (1998)

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Mystery
Director: Oskar Reif
Writers: Oskar Reif
Actors: Antonie Fischerova, Jana Hruskova, Stanislava Jachnická, Dominika Kafunkova
Rating: 6.9
Votes: 107
Rated: N/A

‘Forty-year old PE teacher Luboš Urna, is a man you’d be unlikely to notice on the street. He is completely average and unremarkable, with nothing interesting or special about him at first glance. Even his life up until now seems completely ordinary; that is, until the beginning of the film. For this is when Luboš, totally unexpectedly and it could be said needlessly, dies. The moment of Luboš’s death is actually the beginning of the story, which reveals how his whole life from birth, through growing up to adulthood was a constant battle to survive in a WORLD where REAL MEN are slowly disappearing and that is more and more dominated by ALL POWERFUL WOMEN. We follow our hero through humorous, dramatic, lyrical and erotic episodes in his life, in many of which it is unclear whether they actually took place or if they are just a product of his turbulent imagination. Both the hero and filmgoers will come to a surprising realization at the end of the film.’

I liked this movie a lot. After watching several “avenger” superhero movies, some star treks and some epic fantasy films (which I all like a lot) I needed something different as a chill-out. This was precisely it. Funny film that takes the serious topic of feminism lightly and makes smart jokes about the battle of sexes. It reminded me of Bunuels films, also very metaphoric and surreal, yet not too intellectual about it. Not like Woody Allen (boring). I loved the camera, black and white can look better than color if shot properly. Music was a bit irritating in the end, who wants to hear the same parts of Bizet over and over again?

Postel The Bed 1998

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The Bed (1998)
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The Bed (1998)

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