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Plaisir à trois

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Directed By: Jesús Franco | French | 430.57 MB | 01:26:41 | Free Links | 488 Kbps | Mkv | 720×480 | A_AC3, 48 Khz, 1 channels, 192 Kbps | Subs: English
Genres: Drama | Country: France

After her recent release from a deep psychiatric care institution, a Libertine-styled countess goes back to her very evil ways and fixes her eyes on a pretty girl with the intention to destroy her after fully corrupting her body and soul.

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Original Title: Plaisir a Trois (1974)
Title: how to seduce a virgin (1974)
Genres: Drama
Director: Jesús Franco
Writers: Jesús Franco (scenario and adaptation), Alain Petit (dialogue)
Actors: Alice Arno, Robert Woods, Howard Vernon, Tania Busselier
Rating: 5.9
Votes: 174
Rated: N/A

how to seduce a virgin

Martine Bressac is released from a psychiatric clinic after a year’s treatment and is driven home by her chauffeur, Mathias. She is welcomed by the demented hunchbacked gardener Malou and the mute servant girl Adèle and impatiently demands the key to her mysterious private chamber. There, set out like exhibits in a waxwork, are the bodies of beautiful girls frozen in postures of terror on the point of death. With Mathias’ help, Martine has just added another girl, a prostitute, to her collection when her husband and accomplice, Charles, arrives home with slides of a further prospective victim: Cécile the virginal daughter of a diplomat…

“Pleasure for Three” is a modern fable in which everyone is hoist by their own petard, gathered in the murky, torrid atmosphere that Franco is so good at producing. Alice Arno is magnificent as the keeper of the “museum of horrors”, a nod in the direction of the wax-museums American films are so good at portraying. Lina Romay as a sex-slave who only communicates by moaning is very credible. Only Robert Woods, a defector from westerns, is unconvincing. As it happens, he has since abandoned acting, and now sells water softeners for a living. Franco was to re-use the theme of perverted innocence in much more explicit films (nor is Plaisir à Trois his first foray into the genre).

plaisir à Trois Storyline

After one year of separation and extensive psychiatric treatment for cold-bloodily castrating one of her unaware lovers, the noble Countess Martine Bressac as she is driven home by the loyal chauffeur Mathias, finally, reunites with her husband Charles. Without delay and in great anticipation, the Countess restlessly returns to her mansion’s basement where she and her depraved husband used to quench their insatiable and perverted sexual appetite for young flesh, only to realize that her collection isn’t complete. Encircled by a gallery of frozen in time human trophies, the Countess, once more, will go out hunting for young prostitutes to satisfy her fantasies, but it won’t be long before Charles proposes to continue their voyeuristic activities with a rather unexpected present: Cécile, their 21-year-old virgin neighbor. Quivering with desire and almost insane to seduce her virgin victim, the Countess will try everything, however, will she manage to add helpless Cécile in her prized

Plaisir à trois

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Plaisir à Trois (1974)

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