Jess Franco, The Demons 1973 DVDRip

Jess Franco The Demons 1973

Jess Franco, The Demons 1973 [Download]

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Language: Italian, French
814.98 MB | 01:58:35 | 557 Kbps | Mkv | 1280×564 | A_AC3, 48 Khz, 2 channels, 192 Kbps | Subs: English, Italian
Genres: Horror | Country: France, Portugal
A group of nuns become possessed by demons and are then tortured in a dungeon of horrors during the inquisition.

Original Title: Les démons (1973)

Title: Jess Franco, The Demons 1973

Genres: Horror
Director: Jesús Franco
Writers: Jesús Franco
Actors: Anne Libert, Carmen Yazalde, Doris Thomas, Karin Field
Rating: 5.2
Votes: 569
Rated: R

As the scarlet flames lick her pale and desperate face while the feeble body is eager to succumb, a vindictive unrepentant witch doomed by the Grand Inquisitor Jeffries and Lady de Winter to die at the stake vomits her last malignant and sulfurous curse to all those guilty of her ordeal. As a result, petrified and with the curse of demise upon the accusers’ heads, Lord and Lady de Winter set out to trace the witch’s dark bloodline, and in particular, her daughters Kathleen and Margaret who have been raised as Sisters in the Blackmoor convent since childhood. But within the nunnery’s thick stone walls, rabid desire and evil possession govern, furthermore, only one daughter is the curse’s true heir. Which one is granted the power of retribution?

A full uncut version from the X-Rated Kult release. The film is English dubbed, there are some French-speaking bits in the film for which there were only German subs for (X-Rated Kult being a German company) which I didn’t rip. It doesn’t detract from the enjoyment though as there are nuns, naked nuns and naked nuns being tortured and fettled! Lovely.

After an old witch is burned at the stake by the inquisition her two nun daughters execute revenge which amounts to them seducing every man and woman that comes their way. Dealing with lust and anguish (frequent themes in Franco work),’Les démons’ is quite a polished work by Franco’s standards. Widescreen compositions are impressive and psychedelic music outstanding(a catchy guitar tune starts playing every time there is a bare flesh on the screen). Sadly Jess Franco didn’t bother to hire a good cameraman, so some shots are out of focus, especially during zooms. Still, the camera-work in ‘Les démons’ is much better than in such later Jess Franco movies as ‘White cannibal queen’, for example. Regular Jess Franco actor Howard Vernon (“The awful Dr. Orloff”) has a supporting role. Recommended for Franco admirers and those who find the idea of lesbian nuns hot.

Jess Franco The Demons 1973

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