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Destricted 2006

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Directed By: Marina Abramovic, Matthew Barney, Marco Brambilla, Cecily Brown, Larry Clark, Sante D’Orazio, Marilyn Minter, Gaspar Noé, Richard Prince, Sam Taylor-Johnson, Tunga | English | 277.27 MB | 00:37:28 | Free Download | 893 Kbps | Avi | 688×384 | 55, 48 Khz, 2 channels, 128 Kbps | Subs: N/A
Genres: Drama | Country: UK, USA

Shorts by eight directors examine the boundary between Eros and porn. A feral man masturbates with the aid of a whirling crankshaft; a sunbathing woman phones a doctor for a playful house call; a man with a quartz penis goes through lovemaking, castration, cannibalism, and restoration; a mouth and tongue, close up, lick viscous liquids of different colors and consistency; we watch a grainy film of a lesbian threesome, their eyes and genitalia crudely scratched out; a director interviews ten men, choosing one who picks among six actresses for a porn shoot; ink wash drawings become animated scenes of copulation; last, while an infant cries, a strobe illuminates adults at play.

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Original Title: Destricted (2006)

Genres: Drama
Director: Marina Abramovic, Matthew Barney, Marco Brambilla, Cecily Brown, Larry Clark, Sante D’Orazio, Marilyn Minter, Gaspar Noé, Richard Prince, Sam Taylor-Johnson, Tunga
Writers: Matthew Barney (segment), Richard Prince (segment), Sam Taylor-Johnson (segment)
Actors: Goce Balkovic, Goran Brklja, Zoran Brklja, Ana Hamljan Colic
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 2449
Rated: Not Rated

1. To un limit restriction
2. To bring objectivity by putting out of restriction.
3. To deconstruct within bounds, to unconfined.

Destricted is the first short film collection of its kind, bringing together sex and art in a series of short films created by some of the world’s most visual and provocative artists and directors.

Explicit in the content they reveal the diverse attitudes by which we represent ourselves sexually. Formed in 2004, Destricted is a platform for all forms of uncensored artistic expression; manipulating and embracing the expression of sex through art.

The Destricted brand is the first in a continuing series. The seven films presented explore the fine line where art and pornography intersect. The films highlight controversial issues about the representation of sexuality in art; opening up for debate the question of whether art can be disguised as pornography or whether pornography can be disguised as art or something else altogether. The result is a collection of sexy, stimulating, challenging, provocative, strange and sometimes humorous scenarios that leave it up to the viewer/voyeur to decide.

Balkan Erotic Epic
Marina Abramović, 2005, 13 min
Performance art legend Marina Abramović delves into Balkan folklore to create an instructional series of mise en scènes that explore the crude, magical and mysterious rites of ethnic fertility and virility.

Matthew Barney, 2004, 14 min 36 sec
American fabulist Matthew Barney stages the erotics of a sexual encounter as it takes place between ‘green man’ and the lubricated drive shaft of a customized deforestation vehicle destined for the Carnival de Bahia.

Marco Brambilla, 2005, 2 min
American artist and filmmaker Marco Brambilla ransacks porn-film archives to produce a witty, fast-moving montage of money shots.

Larry Clark, 2005, 38 min
Larry Clark, a cult anthropologist of American adolescence, directs a sensitive yet frank investigation into how, for the generation growing up in the 1980s, pornography has shaped the way they think about sex and sexual fantasy. The result is a riveting documentary about desire and sexual initiation.

We Fuck Alone
Gaspar Noé, 2006, 23 min
Gaspar Noé, maker of Irreversible, the controversial art-house movie whose brutal depiction of rape that left audiences physically sick, now promises to turn you on with a cinematically erotic journey into masturbatory fantasy.

House Call
Richard Prince, 12 min
American iconographer Richard Prince appropriates a segment video that captures the generic gold standard of 1970s porn – big tits, big cock, and cumshot – re-shooting it in the manner of the cowboys, girlfriends, and outlaws that first made him famous.

Death Valley
Sam Taylor-Wood, 2004, 7 min 58 sec, music by Matmos and Andrew Hale
British art star Sam Taylor-Wood directs a porn star in a droll elegy to masturbation and the great American outdoors.

Destricted 2006

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Destricted (2006)

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