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al otro lado del espejo

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Directed By: Jesús Franco | Spanish | 1.3 GB | 01:35:24 | Free Links | 1742 Kbps | Avi | 720×404 | 2000, 48 Khz, 2 channels, 192 Kbps | Subs: English
Genres: Drama, Horror | Country: Spain, France, Portugal

A nightclub singer is haunted by the ghost of her late father. The dead man summons her through a mirror, forcing her to commit a series of violent crimes.

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Original Title: Al Otro Lado del Espejo (1973)

Genres: Drama, Horror
Director: Jesús Franco
Writers: Nicole Guettard (based on a story by), Jesús Franco
Actors: Emma Cohen, Robert Woods, Françoise Brion, Philippe Lemaire
Rating: 6.1
Votes: 213
Rated: N/A

al otro lado movie

Ana Olivera (Emma Cohen) is a singer-songwriter who plays jazz in nightclubs. She lives in Madeira with her father (Howard Vernon), who is secretly obsessed with her. Depressed over her coming marriage to Arturo (Wal “The Horrible Sexy Vampire” Davis), Mr. Olivera commits suicide on his daughter’s wedding day. Distraught, she breaks her engagement and throws herself into her work and a series of affairs with an actor (Robert Woods), a theater director (Simon Andreu) and an aging playboy (Philippe Lemaire). Meanwhile, the selfish ghost of her father lives on inside the mirror where she first caught sight of his dead body, compelling the psychotic Ana to murder any man who vies for her heart.

One of Jesus Franco’s most accomplished dramatic films of the 1970s, “The Other Side of the Mirror” ranks easily among the Top 5 Most Desired Franco titles to arrive on DVD or Blu-ray. It’s the original Spanish version of a film that also exists in a significantly different hardcore edition known as “Le Miroir Obscene” in its French version of “Lo Specchio del piacere” in its Italian version. That XXX version is built around the suicide of Ana’s sister, played by Lina Romay, who spends the rest of the movie masturbating and fucking on the other side of her mirror. Lina Romay does not even appear in this version of the movie, which stars Emma Cohen of “Horror Rises From the Tomb” in one of the best performances Franco ever cajoled out of an actress. Cohen is shown nude in the hardcore version, though she did not participate in any of the XXX activities. Despite the quality of this collaboration, she never worked with Franco again, which suggests she may have resented finding herself cast in a hardcore movie after the fact.

The Obscene Mirror (1973)

This is a pretty well, if highly praised, film from the Spanish director, which is (apparently) available in three different versions. The version getting all the love and praise is the Spanish version while the French and Italian versions are re-edited with hardcore scenes and an alternate cast added to the mix.

The version I watched was the Italian one, which is hard to review due to the hardcore scenes, which were added. The basic plot, I believe, is the same from each version and centers on a woman (Emma Cohen) who suffers a breakdown after the suicide of her sister (played by Lina Romay in this version).

Soon after the suicide the sister begins to see her dead sister inside a mirror, which causes her to go out, bring men home and kill them. Again, it’s really hard to judge this film due to the added scenes and the fact that the Spanish version is apparently totally different but there was enough here to I loved to recommend people seeing this but at the same time, you should certainly try and get the original version (which I will be looking for).

The film reminded me a lot of Franco’s Venus in Furs, which is among the director’s best films. There’s a deeply haunting, sad and tragic nature and atmosphere, which runs throughout this film and it wasn’t hard to get caught up into the mental state of the main character.

Franco’s direction is very sharp throughout but most of the credit has to go towards Cohen who is simply terrific in the film. She doesn’t have to resort to nudity or cheap thrills to get her performance across. I guess the best way to explain it is that she comes across like a spirit and just floats from one scene to the next, slowing breaking down in front of our eyes.

Sadly the disc I watched also didn’t feature any subtitles so I couldn’t follow any of the dialogue, which there was plenty of and I’m sure if I could follow the story more I would have loved it even more. The hardcore scenes, which again, were added, are pretty ugly and add absolutely nothing to the movie. These scenes really killed everything that was going on so I found myself hitting the FF button through them. I’m hoping to track down the director’s cut soon since most fans think this Italian version is a complete mess. If it is a mess and I enjoyed it this much then I can’t wait to see what the Spanish one offers.

al otro lado del espejo

Download full movie Al otro lado del espejo (1973) [1.3 GB]

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